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Shaping People, Shaping Business.

Application Opens -- Sept 3rd, 2023
Info Session 1 -- Sept 4th @ 6-7pm Buttrick 101

Info Session 2 -- Sept 5th @ 6-7pm Alumni 201

Info Session 3 -- Sept 7th @ 6-7pm Commons 335

Resume Workshop 1 -- Sept 11th @ 6-7 PM FGH 134

BCC Resume Workshop -- Sept 12th @ 4 - 5 PM BCC

Chick-Fil-AKPsi -- Sept 13th @ 11-2pm Sarrat 325/327

KC Potter Center Workshop -- Sept 13th @ 6 - 7 PM KC Potter Center

FirstVU Workshop -- Sept 14th @ 5 - 6 PM Buttrick 305

Resume Workshop 2 -- Sept 14th @ 6-7 PM Alumni 202

More DEI Resume Workshops with:

SACE, AASA, ALAS, and the Womens' Center coming soon
Application Closes-- Sept 15th, 2023 @ 11:59PM




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What We Look for in Candidates

Diverse, Dedicated,

Multi-Talented Individuals

Professional Potential, Not

Necessarily Experience

Positive Contributions

to the AKPsi Community


Applicants will be evaluated based on past community involvement, leadership, and demonstrated business potential. There are no GPA cut-offs or required working experience. 

Essentials of Professionalism

Weeks 1-2

Resume and cover letter edits, public speaking, elevator pitches, networking, basic business principles

Industry Survey

Weeks 3-4

Learn about a variety of industries including finance, marketing, consulting, PE, etc. Midterm interviews.

Industry Focus

Weeks 5-6

Dive deeply into an industry you're passionate about. Prepare a final project. Introduction to technical interviews. 

Business Development Program.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I apply more than once?

Yes, you are encouraged to apply more than once. The majority of our organization, including many members of Recruitment Team and Executive Committee applied more than once.

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